Friday, 25 February 2011

why our relationship to be like this !
what are we to be like this forever .
i do not want to continue our relationship like this .
we do not have a chance to reconcile .
now i live without you no more meaning .
...i want you back on me .
i miss you , miss very much .
i do not want you leave me , i can not live without you .
oath of love . i do not trick you .
now i fear very much . i already feel another heart today .
what i feel now is , fear of losing you .
i'm afraid you'll find another girl and leave me .
what has happened today has made me feel afraid .
today you have demonstrated that you are in relation to other women .
i feel very , very sad . to say i got sick today .
you probably will not bother me anymore article .
i know now that you no longer love me .
you already hate me , i can read your heart .
okeyy , i get very tough though my heart is .
icried very much , please do not leave me and ask to drop out .
because it can make me feel depressed and i'm willing to do anything as long as i die .
your presence in my life is meaningful .
i can not forget you're even a moment . your shadow is always present in my dreams .
i love you very strong at all , to say i'm willing to do anything for you .
i know our love for this , i make you a lot of disappointment , heartache , and many others .
i apologize very much . you should not be women like me this .
i feel so sorry if this kind , i hope you can accept my presence again .
god only knows just how sad i was when we finished it like this .
the last words i ;
i hope you do not leave me , because i'm not willing to part with you .
lately i'm afraid very much , i fear you will find another woman , i do not want things to happen .
ihis only can i write , and i hope you read it .
you remain in my memory .
don't leave me !

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